Stop the burglars in minutes


PROTECT fog systems stop burglars in seconds.

All businesses, small or large, have an alarm system to protect their precious goods. . Nevertheless, whatever precautions you take, you will not prevent a burglary. Only a PROTECT fog production system can effectively prevent theft or destruction of your property.

How does it work?

It is not difficult for burglars to enter your area and steal your valuable items if you are only protected by a conventional alarm system. The PROTECT fog production system will directly fill the room with dense fog, making it impossible for the burglar to see, steal, or destroy anything, covering the area adequately until the police arrive.

Fog is completely harmless to humans and animals, leaves no residue and will not destroy your property.

A flexible solution for businesses.

PROTECT fog production systems have a wide range of products designed to preserve all types of businesses according to their size and special features. Most models can be installed both on the roof and behind plasterboard. PROTECT fog production systems are certified and tested in countries around the world and today are the world’s leading solution.

We guarantee that a PROTECT system installation is a sure and effective investment to protect your goods.

How may we help you?

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